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Dental Crowns

The use of dental crowns can strengthen, heal, and restore severely damaged teeth. We only utilise complete ceramic crowns, which allow us to replicate the greatest qualities of your native tooth. All of our crowns are created by professional dental technicians, so your restored tooth will look exactly like your other teeth.

What are Dental Crowns?

Modern dental crowns are complete ceramic crowns made to restore your smile in the event that your teeth sustain significant damage. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that serves to reinforce, cover, and protect a tooth that has been injured. A crown is a restoration method for broken teeth that may be decaying, chipped, cracked, have big fillings, have undergone a root canal, or perhaps need to be reshaped cosmetically.

Patients who are either self-conscious about their broken tooth or who want to repair their smile so that their teeth don't look discoloured most frequently get crowns. As an alternative, our dental staff may suggest crowns as a way to stabilise and safeguard a fractured tooth or stop additional damage.

Installed as a restorative operation, permanent crowns are designed to last 20 years or longer. The purpose of a temporary crown is to cover a fractured or exposed tooth, root, or root canal for a brief period of time. For instance, following a root canal procedure, the dental nerve is often removed and cleaned before a temporary crown is placed.

Count on our distinguished dentists to design the custom, cutting-edge, high-performance ceramics you can rely on to attain the oral comfort and self-assurance you need.

Who can benefit from dental crowns?

After a consultation, your dentist can decide that you're a good candidate for dental crowns in a number of different circumstances.

If the tooth is already cracked or worn down, it may be severely damaged, causing it to be extremely fragile and susceptible to cracking.

If your tooth has received numerous fillings and needs additional support to be preserved, a dental crown may be necessary. You may also need one if you want to conceal an existing dental implant or if you are dissatisfied with the colour or shape of a tooth.

What occurs during the preparation for a dental crown?

You are given a free initial consultation by your dentist. If, following consultation, you and your dentist decide to move forward with a dental crown, we will first prepare the natural tooth to enable a precise fit for the crown.

In order to achieve the ideal match in terms of both functionality and aesthetics for you, we make a digital impression of your tooth for our master dental technician in our dental laboratory to construct the crown in the ceramic material, adjusting for the precise colour of your natural teeth.

We place a temporary crown on the afflicted tooth while we prepare your permanent one.

When the crown is prepared, we clean the damaged tooth and use dental cement that is sticky to fit the crown to it flawlessly.

Following treatment, we advise patients to book regular appointments with us so that we may check on the durability of the dental crowns they have been put with.

Why Choose Smile Hub Dental Clinic?

In addition to improving oral health, maintaining, and repairing your smile can boost your confidence and make you feel less self-conscious about your looks. For a variety of reasons, people considering a dental crown should select Smile Hub Dental Clinic:

To visualise and plan our dental procedures, we make use of the most recent cutting-edge technologies. We are able to consistently deliver dependable, visually acceptable results to our patients by utilising the most cutting-edge dental treatments. Our team has years of collective experience, skill, and knowledge in both general and cosmetic dentistry. On the lecture circuit around the world, we are frequently invited to share our knowledge with colleagues and students, and we have earned various dentistry honours. In our own dental laboratory, we design the full ceramic crowns we utilise specifically for dental crowns, allowing us total control over the product and service we can provide. You can relax knowing that we are familiar with every part of the dental crown and that our staff has produced your crown to the greatest standards possible.



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