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How Can Smile Hub Dental Clinic Help?

Typical Symptoms

We are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of dental pain and infection at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Our team of skilled endodontic professionals is pleasant, welcoming, and ready to listen to any questions or worries you may have. In addition to having extensive training. The options below outline the many therapies we provide in detail.

Referral from your dentist

Many of our patients are referred to us by their regular dentist. This can be due to the complexity of their situation or the fact that their dentist thinks they need specialised care.

Endodontic Microsurgery 

Traditional root canal therapy may not be able to save a tooth in every situation. This can be the result of a newly placed crown or the cementing of a post into the root canal. In these circumstances, our staff may be able to attempt to salvage the tooth via endodontic microsurgery.

Dental Pain Diagnosis

Dental pain can appear in a variety of ways and is not always simple to diagnose. Our team of endodontists at Smile Hub Dental Clinic are committed to your care and well-being, and we are experts at identifying and treating dental pain.

Root canal Re-treatment

Not every root canal procedure goes as expected. It is a challenging and complex process that takes years of practise to master. If the dentist was unable to completely clean all the canals effectively or if the tooth has an additional concealed canal, previously treated teeth may fail.

Root canal treatment

If your teeth are giving you discomfort or swelling, you might need root canal therapy. Sometimes the tooth may not even hurt, but your dentist may have found something that has to be fixed before a more serious condition develops.



General Treatments

Our patients in North Dublin receive the best general dentistry care. Dublin's top dentist for general dentistry.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal procedures are necessary when the the soft tissue located inside the root canal, becomes irritated.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our skilled dentists provide the latest aesthetic dentistry techniques to help you obtain a beautiful smile.

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