Root Canal


Myths About Root Canal Treatment

We've attempted to debunk a few of the many myths and misconceptions about root canal therapy below. However, if you have any further queries or worries, get in touch with us.

Extraction is a suitable option to root canal therapy. - False

Truth: If at all possible, keeping your original teeth is frequently the wisest course of action.

Your natural tooth cannot be entirely replaced by anything. You might avoid particular meals if you have an artificial tooth. It's crucial to preserve your own teeth so you may continue to enjoy the vast variety of foods required to keep the right nutritional balance in your diet. Endodontic treatment is usually less expensive than extraction and bridge or dental implant installation when used in conjunction with a suitable restoration to treat teeth with damaged pulp. Additionally, endodontic therapy has a very high success rate. Many teeth with root canal therapy live a lifetime. A bridge or implant placement will take a lot longer to complete and may necessitate additional procedures on nearby teeth and supporting tissues. After receiving a root canal, millions of healthy teeth continue to serve patients worldwide. Patients who have healthy teeth are able to chew food well, keep their smiles looking natural, and enjoy life more.

Root canal therapy hurts - False

Truth: Having a root canal improves pain rather than causing it.

Many, many years ago, when root canal therapy was first becoming started, the idea that they hurt started to spread. Modern anaesthetics and technological advancements have made root canal therapy as comfortable as getting a filling. In fact, a recent survey found that individuals who have had root canal therapy are six times more likely than people who have not to describe it as "painless."

False: Root canal therapy leads to sickness.

Truth: Root canal therapy is a painless and successful surgery.

It was long believed that getting root canals accelerated the development of disease and illness in the body. This claim, which first surfaced in the early 1900s, has since been disproven. There is a plethora of clinical evidence to support the assertion that root canal procedures performed by skilled endodontists utilising the most recent methods and materials do not result in sickness.



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