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You'll obviously want to keep your stunning set of straight teeth in the future when your braces treatment is over. Your teeth cannot move again when wearing retainers. Read more about the specific steps we take at our clinic below. Additionally, we would be happy to provide you more information in person. We are anticipating your visit.

What are retainers?

In the specialised area of dentistry called orthodontics, which we perform here at our clinic, dental retainers are a custom-made detachable or fixed dental appliance or aligner composed of clear plastic or metal. They are frequently the logical next step once braces treatment is finished when the teeth have been straightened in order to maintain the new alignment of the teeth and to prevent future misalignment. To literally keep the shape of the teeth that have just had treatment and restore your stunning smile, a retainer is used.

Who should wear retainers?

The use of detachable or fixed retainers is typically the next conventional and natural step in the oral health care plan for dental patients who have successfully finished their orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth with braces. As part of your dental treatment strategy to straighten any teeth, an orthodontist will typically advise a retainer.

What occurs when retainers are treated?

Removeable retainers

After the initial consultation, we carefully take all the measurements required for our dental professionals to create a custom-made plated device, frequently made of plastic with unique holding components linked to it at our on-site dental laboratory. Once the removable retainer is prepared for use, we will go over exactly how to wear it every day and give you any aftercare instructions or advice you might require. Together, we decide on a schedule of appointments for you to keep so that we may assess the fit of the appliance and track how the gums and jawbones stabilise in relation to it, protecting the teeth's new position from considerable movement.

Fixed retainers

Following an initial consultation, we meticulously record all the measurements required by our dental professionals at our on-site dental laboratory to create a specially designed plated appliance for you. The inner sides of the front teeth have stabilisers that are fixed. We attach the wire after a pre-treatment without applying any pressure. Together, we decide on a schedule of appointments for you to keep so that we can assess how well it fits, see how the gums and jawbones stabilise in relation to the new fixed retainer, and assess how well it safeguards the newly positioned teeth from considerable movement.



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