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Dentist for patients with anxiety

We acknowledge and respect the fact that many of our patients struggle with dental phobia or a fear of the dentist, which is a fairly common issue. The Smile Hub Dental Clinic takes pride in being the best dental clinic for nervous patients because we can make you feel at ease and relaxed while receiving dental care. You will be in capable hands thanks to our dentists' combined experience.

How can anxious patients be soothed?

Due to their dread and anxiety from difficult past dental experiences as well as the difficulty and length of several dental procedures, some people believe that receiving dental care is beyond of reach.

You're not alone if you experience any of these emotions when you arrive at the dentist's office. You can learn to control your anxiety, even if you dread going to the dentist yet still need and consent to treatment.

When you visit Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we want you to feel at ease and confident. We can provide the comfort necessary to conduct an oral health examination, helping patients overcome their fear of the dentist and paving the road for clinical success. You won't ever have to experience anxiety when going to the dentist.

What varieties of dental sedation are there?

When you sit in our dental chair, we can assist in reducing your worry and fear. These days, Ireland recognises three different types of dental sedation that can be helpful. They consist of:

Changing your mood is another term for minimal sedation. You feel relaxed, respond to vocal orders, and are unconcerned with the dental procedure when you're taking this sedative.

Moderate sedation, also known as conscious sedation, occurs when you are more deeply asleep, drowsy, attentive to vocal orders, and relaxed. You won't have any memories of the procedure.

Deep sedation/general anaesthesia: You run the risk of losing consciousness at this level of sedation. In Ireland, sedation of this level is not permitted for use in dentist offices or in hospitals for sedation outside of operating rooms.

We understand your worries and take them very seriously at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Before agreeing to a therapy, you may feel more at peace if you are aware of how conscious sedation functions.

Your comfort, relaxation, and safety during dental work are the goals of conscious sedation. When sedatives are administered, one becomes sleepy, drowsy, and pain-free. You are not fully asleep at any time during the procedure, even if you are in an ideal level of relaxation, so you can still speak with your dentist.

The ingestion of sedatives like nitrous oxide or the intravenous administration of drugs like benzodiazepines, opiates, and other sedative/anaesthetic medicines can all be used to induce conscious sedation.

You may be assured that all required safety measures are being taken during your visit with us because a seditionist is present to monitor your vital signs and ensure your safety throughout the treatment.

Don't be afraid. The sedative's effects will gradually wear off throughout the day, but how long you'll be sedated depends depend on your surgery. While you are in our care, a recovery time of 20 to 30 minutes must be observed before you are released. Most patients believe they are well enough to resume normal activity within 24 hours.

What are the signs of sedation's recovery and adverse effects?

Digital Impressions. The recovery period from conscious sedation is shorter than that from general anaesthesia.

Mild, infrequent side effects are also present. The most typical ones are:

nausea and diarrhoea


muscle aches

unwell throat

In fact, a lot of patients say they had almost no adverse effects at all and were very happy with the conscious sedation procedure. Please feel free to discuss your worries with your dentist, who will be able to allay your fears if you are afraid about any possible sedation side effects or maybe you're just a fearful patient.



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