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A happy smile and healthy teeth are indicators of success on the personal level. They also radiate health. To maintain it that way, our dental hygienists are on hand. We often send our prevention team members to CPD courses in order to maintain a high standard of care.

What exactly is oral hygiene?

Dental hygiene is simply the practise of a dental hygienist cleaning patients' teeth. The best and safest way to preserve both healthy and attractive teeth for life is with regular dental hygiene treatment. It also successfully prevents gum disease. By offering you thorough examinations and personalised guidance on all facets of oral hygiene and nutritional best practise, our dental specialists provide patients with a meticulous degree of quality treatment.

Who should practise oral hygiene?

All of our dental patients are urged by our staff to schedule a consultation with our dental hygienist so they may go through their unique requirements for scheduling routine professional teeth cleanings.

When wanting to attain preventative care of your teeth and gums to secure your smile for years to come as well as protect against oral difficulties like excessive tooth decay, infection, gum disease, and bad breath, optimal dental hygiene is the finest tool to arm yourself with.

The highest dental hygiene care can be found at Smile Hub Dental Clinic.

You naturally look for a qualified, skilled, and experienced dental professional you can rely on to provide the high-quality dental care you expect at every appointment whenever you need to take care of your smile—whether it's an emergency, during routine maintenance, or when scheduling cosmetic dentistry.

In "Guided Biofilm Therapy," the disclosed biofilm serves as the hygienist's guide throughout the entire appointment. The therapy offers a methodical, predictable, risk-oriented, and user-friendly approach that can be customised for all age groups and each patient. The therapy requires fewer hand scalers and ultrasonic instruments and is minimally intrusive. With this procedure, we may safely clean your teeth without harming the ceramic if you have crowns, implants, or any other type of restoration.

The EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy's key benefits are:

- Safe and reliable

- Better Cleaning

- Time-saving and Comfortable Treatment

- Treatment for Implant Infections

What takes place at a dental hygiene visit?

You may be confident that only skilled and qualified hygienists who are an essential member of our preventative team at Smile Hub Dental Clinic undertake this service.

- The conventional dental hygiene appointment process for a thorough teeth cleaning is as follows:

- Ultrasonic cleaning tools are used to thoroughly clean the region above your gums.

- Using sophisticated handheld equipment, the plaque is then removed, even from difficult-to-reach regions.

- To get rid of the teeth's remaining discolorations, polishing pastes are used.

- Additionally, polishing pastes are utilised to assist smooth the teeth's surface and make them shine.

Your dental hygienist may suggest strategies to enhance your personal hygiene, advice on brushing and flossing, tips for preventing tartar and gum disease, and details on what can lead to oral health problems.



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